• Spiritual Growth

    At the Going Home Foundation, our commitment to spiritual growth extends far beyond the confines of graduation. Our students enjoy ongoing access to enriching classes and dedicated chaplains, fostering a journey of faith that transcends their time with us.

  • Life Skills

    These foundational courses are designed to empower our students, equipping them with essential skills to thrive independently within their community. Covering topics such as financial literacy and effective parenting, they serve as stepping stones towards self-sufficiency and holistic growth.

  • Career Development

    Students delve into career-focused classes, honing job interview skills, perfecting resumes, and engaging in valuable apprenticeship courses to pursue their desired paths with confidence.

  • Housing

    Students are educated on available resources and guided in securing stable housing, a crucial milestone towards achieving self-reliance post-graduation from the Mission.

  • Mentorship

    We match students with volunteer mentors from the community who offer guidance for both professional and spiritual growth.

  • Community

    Establishing a support system post-graduation is paramount. We encourage students to find a community that resonates with their spiritual and personal aspirations.

For graduates transitioning into the "Life Start phase" of our program at the Going Home Foundation, the journey towards productive citizenship and responsible parenthood begins anew. Many face hurdles—financial constraints, legal entanglements, and skills gaps—before they can fully engage in the workforce. Through our comprehensive career services, graduates tackle these challenges head-on, laying the groundwork for a brighter tomorrow.

Starting with fundamental skills like resume writing, job application completion, and interview preparation, our program employs a multifaceted approach. Group sessions, one-on-one counseling, and role-playing exercises empower students to navigate financial matters and legal issues with confidence. Armed with newfound knowledge and bolstered by support, each student embarks on the path to gainful employment.

For those aiming for careers requiring higher education or specialized training, financial barriers often loom large. Recognizing this, the Going Home Foundation provides financial assistance of approximately $2,500 per student to support enrollment in institutions like Los Angeles Trade Tech or other community colleges. This funding supplements existing financial aid, ensuring that every student has the opportunity to pursue certification or an Associate Degree in their chosen field of study.