Homelessness is a pressing societal issue, depriving individuals of shelter and security while perpetuating cycles of poverty. It strains public resources, heightens healthcare costs, and exacerbates social disparities. Addressing homelessness requires comprehensive solutions to tackle root causes and ensure that every individual has access to stable housing and support services.

  • 75,518

    People in Los Angeles County are experiencing homelessness

  • Nearly 3 out of 4

    remain unsheltered

  • 18,345

    have endured domestic violence

  • 10,838

    have chronic illness

  • 3,681

    are veterans

  • 22%

    increase in people aged 62 and older who are experiencing homelessness

  • 6%

    Of people experiencing homelessness are currently fleeing violence

  • 9,322

    People over the past year are experiencing homelessness for the first time