The Going Home Foundation, in collaboration with Chrysalis, offers the Bridge Transitional Housing program, providing essential temporary housing for individuals who are employed and possess a "Section 8" housing voucher, yet find themselves in need of interim accommodation. With a capacity for 35 beds catering to adult men and women, the program not only offers shelter but also meals, showers, and crucial supportive services to its participants.

Presently, the apartment inventory faces a mere 2.7% vacancy rate, coupled with soaring rental costs, posing significant challenges in securing permanent housing for qualified individuals. Those awaiting a "Section 8" voucher often endure months-long waits for suitable accommodations. The aim is to offer transitional housing to employed individuals who are homeless despite possessing a permanent housing voucher, granting them up to 90 days to accumulate the necessary funds for their imminent transition to permanent housing.

Last year alone, the Bridge program facilitated 708 stays, providing a safe haven for its occupants and contributing to a reduction in crime victimization. Participants emerged from the program with increased savings and enhanced independent living skills, better prepared to transition into permanent housing. Moreover, the program's success has fostered the development of a robust referral system and strengthened partnerships within the local community, amplifying its impact and reach.