Mission Statement

The Going Home Foundation disrupts the cycle of homelessness and poverty, fostering stability within a secure and spiritually enriching atmosphere, while facilitating connections to resources and steadfastly supporting individuals on their path to self-sufficiency.

Core Principles

  1. At the Going Home Foundation, we hold steadfast to the belief that all assistance rendered to those in need should be imbued with love, offering a beacon of hope, mercy, and unwavering compassion.
  2. We are firm believers in the power of profound spiritual growth, cultivated through robust Christian discipleship, comprehensive equipping, and ongoing training.
  3. Recognizing the complexities of addiction, we advocate for holistic healing approaches, combining the strength of prayer, medical interventions, and the nurturing support of deep, enduring, and healthy relationships to overcome these challenges.
  4. Our foundation stands on the conviction that homelessness is not an enduring state, but rather a temporary condition that can be surmounted with personal restoration, educational support, access to stable housing, and meaningful employment opportunities.

Vision Statement

The Going Home Foundation aspires to stand at the forefront of organizations dedicated to serving the vulnerable, restoring hope to the addicted, and eradicating homelessness.

To bring this vision to fruition, we:

  • Offer comprehensive residential and non-residential Christian discipleship programs, providing the necessary spiritual and physical tools to overcome addiction and lead fulfilling lives.
  • Extend tangible assistance through donations of food, clothing, and shelter, ensuring immediate relief for those facing homelessness or at risk.
  • Cultivate a virtual network of interconnected relationships, leveraging technology to provide ongoing support and mentorship.
  • Promote literacy, education, and vocational training as pathways to self-sufficiency and stability.
  • Advocate for a future where homeless individuals are embraced with love and provided the tools to achieve self-reliance.
  • Educate individuals on the importance of healthy, supportive relationships, fostering spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being with personal accountability.
  • Create meaningful opportunities for donors and volunteers to make a tangible impact on the lives of those in need.